Korean Soju tasting feat. Soonhari

Korean soju tastes like shit. It might not have the highest alcohol content (average 16% ABV), but take one too many shots of the colorless, seemingly harmless-looking chemical, and you’ll end up face-down in the toilet contemplating death the next afternoon (Yes, afternoon. Possibly even evening). I have yet to meet a man or woman who […]

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My dinner is moving

Severed octopus tentacles wriggling in a bed of yukhoe (raw beef) with a raw egg yolk on top for good measure. Nakji tangtangi. Looks/sounds completely gruesome but is actually quite delicious. Also, strangely mesmerizing. Taken in Jongno 5-ga’s “yukhoe alley”.


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Korean canned food sampling

Canned food is pretty much the same all around the world in terms of longevity, but Korea has a few that deserve special recognition. Thus, we bring you a Korean tin can challenge featuring silkworm pupa, saury, and whelk. Cans featured in the video: 1. Saempyo brand Woori Umma Maekomhan Kkaetnip (translation: My mom’s spicy perilla […]

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Two clueless Korean guys make instant hotteok

Hotteok, a Korean street food essential, is basically the Korean version of a pancake.
The simple batter of flour and water includes yeast, resulting in a very elastic dough. It’s then stretched and filled with a filling, usually consisting of a mixture of cinnamon, sugar, and various nuts

There’s nothing like biting into a hotteok, fresh off the griddle, and getting third-degree molten sugar-induced mouth burns. Prices vary but usually run from 1000-1500 won.

But like all food in the 21st century, there is also an instant hotteok mix you can buy from a box for 1750won at emart, and we decided to give it a shot. “We,” as in two clueless Korean guys.


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